Plastic Egg Submarines



Remember when I said we had one more preschool activity for our Preschooler “S” Is for Submarine day?

Well, we just HAD to have some water play since we were dealing with submarines!  We decided to create our own egg submarines with some of our plastic Easter eggs.

preschooler plastic egg activity

Our final activity was inspired by this Sink the Easter Egg activity.

I had a collection of beads, pom-poms, pennies and quarters on hand to use to help sink our plastic egg submarines.

First we tried rolling a game die to see how many of each object would go into each egg.  I asked the preschooler to guess whether or not the submarine would sink or float, and then we set each egg in the water.  (If your eggs have holes in the ends, you will want to use a bit of clear tape to cover them.)

plastic egg submarines



We soon discovered that the pom-pom egg floated at the very top of the water; the one with a few beads was also at the top.  The submarines with pennies and quarters sank part way.

This was just NOT going to do for the preschooler; after all, submarines should sink!

Our next step was to fill those eggs up!

We filled one egg with the pom-poms, one with beads, one with pennies, and one with quarters.

Before placing our submarines into the water this time, we put a few of each item (pom-pom, quarter, etc.) into the water.  The preschooler noticed that the pom-pom and some of the beads floated, while the coins sank right away. We talked briefly about why that may be.

Then we tried our newly filled eggs.

preschooler submarine activity



The preschooler was very happy to see the penny and quarter-filled egg submarines sank to the bottom.

When he realized the bead and pom-pom ones were still not sinking, we talked about how the plastic eggs still had air in them, helping them float, and then we tried filling them with water as well — success!  The subs all sank!


The preschooler continued filling eggs, watching them sink or float while I prepared lunch.  He asked to continue the play after lunch, too!  This was definitely a winner here!


What types of water play do your children love?




Preschooler Letter “S” Activities



Time for some vehicle fun!  When you think of vehicles starting with the letter “S,” what pops into your mind?

For us, “S” is for Submarine!  This week we did lots of letter “S” activities, all with a submarine theme!

preschool activities for the letter "S"


After practicing writing the squiggly letter (It’s a pretty tricky letter!), the preschooler had fun hunting for capital and lower-case “S,” using a dot marker to mark each one on a quick worksheet I threw together the night before.

preschool activities for letter "S"


The preschooler loved this activity when we first did it with the letter “O”, and he specifically asked to do it for letter “S.”

If you don’t have one, I really recommend picking one up!  You can find them at the dollar store; they are usually used as bingo markers.


For our next we stepped into our “submarine” for a letter hunt.

preschool submarine activity


Before diving below the sea, I cut the inner circle out of a paper plate to make a “porthole.”  The preschooler looked through his magic porthole to hunt for fish, all labeled with the letter “S.”

I had stuck a bunch of post-it notes up on the hallway wall, each with a picture of a fish and a letter or number on them.

I warned him to be careful and not get stuck in the seaweed  and to just grab the fish with the letter “S.”  Then off he went, hunting for his fish!

He found quite a few!

preschool letter S activity



The preschooler LOVES it when his lunch matches that day’s letter activities….  So we had to have a submarine lunch!

preschooler submarine activity


And, of course, you can NOT do a day of submarines without some water play!

Our water activity needed a post all to itself.  Be sure to stop back tomorrow to read about our Sinking Submarine activity!






Happy Easter!



I’ve been enjoying the past couple days with my sister’s family — visiting all the way from Iowa!

We had a bridal shower for my niece on Saturday, and then I’m cooking Easter dinner for everyone, including my parents and my brother and his daughter.  It will be so fun to have everyone together for the holiday!

I hope you and yours all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back on Monday to share our latest in the vehicle alphabet series:  ”S” Is for Submarine!


Simple Resurrection Garden



Last year I came across a wonderful way to help children better understand the events leading up to Easter.  It’s called a Resurrection Garden.

At 6 and 4 (almost 5 — yikes!), I thought my little ones were old enough to make our own Resurrection Garden this year.

Simple Resurrection Garden to teach about Easter


We actually built our little garden Wednesday night.

I filled a small Tupperware dish with some dirt from an old flower pot.  Then I added a miniature flower pot to the container to be used as the tomb later.

I asked the kids to decorate the garden with small plants and rocks from the flower bed.  This is going to represent the garden that Jesus went to to pray before his death.

Easter garden


On Good Friday, we will added a small cross to our garden and put a rock in front of our “tomb.”  My daughter decided to add a small person figure in the tomb as well.   creating a resurrection garden

What a wonderful chance to talk about why Jesus chose to die on the cross and what it means for us! (If you want to see an excellent version, check out Play Eat Grow’s Resurrection Garden!)

On Saturday I would like the garden to reflect the mood at the time.  My daughter actually suggested covering it with a black cloth, much like they covered the parents’ painting in the movie Frozen after they died.  I love that idea!

On Sunday I plan on removing the cloth and taking away the rock from the front of the tomb.  I’m going to add lots of real and artificial flowers to the scene to reflect the joy of the day and to show new life.


Come back to see the pictures as the Holy week progresses!