Apple-Themed CVC Word Game



Help your beginning reader work on those CVC words with this easy to set up apple-themed word game!


Apple-Themed CVC Word Scavenger Hunt


Make your own apple-themed CVC word scavenger hunt!


To create the “apples” for our CVC word game I used some of the plastic balls we had left from the little ball pit we had when the kids were younger.

I chose several red, yellow, and green balls to be our apples.

On each of these I wrote a CVC word with “a” as the vowel in the middle.  (This week we are working on the short a sound.)

apple-themed word game

To play the CVC word game:


To play the game I plan to hide our apples around the house, much like an Easter egg hunt.

The kids will each have a basket to collect their apples.  In order to keep their apples they will need to correctly read the word written on each apple.

Those they can’t correctly read I plan on hiding again.



Looking for other apple-themed activities to welcome fall?



Apple-Themed Activities Using Pom-Poms



Apple-themed activities seem to flourish at the start of the school year!

We will be begin our own apple unit next week in homeschool, starting with these apple themed math activities using pom-poms.


apple-themed activities using pom-poms


Some Apple Activities I have planned:


  •  Sort the “apples” into baskets.  (Our baskets are empty yogurt containers that have been washed and dried.)

apple themed sorting activity


  • Use the pom-pom apples to work on patterns.

apple themed pattern activity


You can challenge your child to create their own patterns or give them a type of pattern you want created (such as a simple AB pattern or an AAB pattern).

For younger students you might want to start a pattern and then ask them which color would come next in the pattern you created.


  • Work on one to one correspondence with the pom-poms as you count.

You can line up the pom-poms and show your child how to point to each “apple” as you count.


  • Ask your child to count out a specific number of apples.

I created simple construction paper apples and wrote different numbers on them for my kindergartner to then count out that many apples.

counting activity using pom-pom apples


  • Use the pom-pom apples as manipulatives to work on adding and subtracting skills.

apple themed math activity


You could use the pom-poms to help your child work on addition or subtraction problems on pre-made math worksheets.

Or you could create your own math problems to work on together.  (If I have 5 red apples and I add 4 green apples, how many apples do I have total?)


Of course we will be reading several apple-themed books and doing a variety of other apple activities and crafts.


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Our Homeschool Classroom


If you follow on Facebook, then you already know that this year we are homeschooling!

Originally I was planning to do school in the kitchen, but my husband surprised us by cleaning out his “man cave” and creating an area for our very own homeschool classroom.

homeschool classroom setup


Once I saw that card table and the old white board set up, it wasn’t long before I was pulling out posters from the years I taught middle school.

There were quite a few reading posters with characters the kids recognized.

The dollar store and Target helped fill some of the other concrete walls and supplied some great materials.

homeschool room


We were lucky to have some large carpet pieces left from when the house was built, and a family member was giving away a few large carpet pieces they had, so we have a multi-colored carpeted classroom floor.  (Mama’s not picky!)

That desk?

It won’t stay that clean long!

homeschool classroom


One of the items on that desk?

This simple OT at home activity jar idea from And Next Comes L.

OT jar in homeschool room



I think this jar will be perfect to help both my students get wiggles out and increase concentration.  (And it will help me remember that OT time for my youngest as well.)

I chose to write more physical activities on our red sticks (play catch, wheelbarrow walk, spinning on the sit and spin…) and some calmer sensory activities on the green sticks (play dough, colored rice…).  This way I can have them pull the color stick that we need at the time, and each day we’ll have something different to try.


My favorite part of our classroom?

Our reading spot!

reading spot in homeschool classroom



That book case we outgrew when I organized the kid books?  Works perfectly in our classroom!

And who can resist getting on a comfy couch with a good book?



Do you have any experience with homeschooling?  I’d love to hear about it!




Making Cloud Dough (Taste-Safe Version)



Does your child enjoy playing with new types of play dough?

Cloud dough is super easy to make, takes only 2 ingredients, and this version is even taste-safe!  (Making it safe for toddlers who like to put everything in their mouths.)

Edible Cloud Dough --  recipe that is taste-safe and fun for sensory play


Usually cloud dough is a mixture of flour and baby oil, but to make this edible version we substituted vegetable oil for the baby oil.  (Note:  by edible I mean it is taste-safe; I don’t think anyone is going to really want to eat a bunch of this!)

Cloud Dough Recipe:

In a large bowl, combine 4 cups of flour with 1/2 cup vegetable oil.  Be sure to measure carefully!

Mix well with your hands.  (Kids love this step!)

Playing with cloud dough


Once it is well mixed you will have a fun sensory dough that will hold a shape when squeezed together, but will crumble back into flour consistency easily.

The kids started off their playing by baking some cakes…


sensory play with cloud dough



They also used sand molds to create a few fun shapes.

But, like so many of our sensory dough experiences, eventually the cars made an appearance!



flour and oil sensory dough



Do you have a favorite play dough you’ve made with your kids?  I’d love to hear about it!


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