Decorating a Disney Frozen Birthday Cake



Disney’s Frozen movie is still making waves, as evidenced by all the Elsa and Anna costumes and party ideas popping up all over Pinterest.  My daughter is one of those Frozen fans, and this week we had a Frozen birthday party, complete with this easy to make Frozen-themed birthday cake.


Disney Frozen birthday cake


How to make a Disney Frozen birthday cake:


I used two cake mixes for our cake.  The first one I cooked in a large glass measuring cup (like this one), much like I did for her tea pot birthday cake.

The second I cooked in a 9 inch round cake pan and a cupcake pan.  (I only needed the round cake; the cupcakes I put up in the freezer to enjoy later.)

I assembled the two cakes like the picture below, using plenty of icing between them to hold them together.


how to make a Frozen cake



Originally my daughter wanted steps on her Frozen cake.  After watching the movie once again, and seeing how the stairs curved, I decided to use half of a waffle bowl (like you use for ice cream sundaes) to build a curving bridge to act as the stairs for our dear Anna to stand on.

To keep the bridge from sagging beneath Anna’s weight once it was decorated with icing, I squished two large marshmallows beneath it, resting on the round cake below.


making a Disney Frozen cake


(In the picture above you’ll notice our waffle bowl bridge, waiting for icing.  You’ll also notice two other waffle bowl halves that I originally used to build Elsa’s castle.  Unfortunately, the icing made them too soft and they eventually sagged down to the cake.  Thankfully I had time to remove them and had plenty of left over icing to touch the cake up before party time!)


Once we had plenty of white icing on the cake, we used lots of tiny candy pearls and large silver sugar crystals to decorate the ice castle.

Light blue rock candy sticks and these Elsa and Anna dolls finished off of our cake.  (A little powder sugar snow on the cake stand completed our look.) 


Disney Frozen birthday cake



I wish I had a picture of the birthday girl’s face when she first saw the cake.  It’s exactly why I spend time creating the birthday cakes they ask for.


Do you have a Frozen fan at home?  Or have your kids let it go….


If you have a Frozen fan, check out the easy Rock Trolls craft we did at the party!





20 Spider Crafts and Activities



Fall is the perfect time of year to do some fun spider crafts and activities with the kids!  (And these crafts are so cute it’s hard to stop at just one, so go ahead and try a few!)


20 spider crafts

Spider Crafts and Activities


These Lollipop Spiders would be cute to hand out for Trick-or-Treat or for a class party.

Make some cute and fluffy Pom-Pom Spiders.

Collect some pine cones on your next walk and make a few of these awesome Pine Cone Spiders!

These Paper Plate Spiders are simple and fun to make.

Make a spider you can wear with these Spider Hats!

Or create a fun Spider Hairdo that’s sure to get attention!

Make a family of these Fingerprint Spiders.

I love how cute these Paper Cup Spiders turned out!

Recycle a few cardboard tubes for these fun Toilet Roll Spiders.

Or search the recycling container and make adorable Recycled Fruit Cup Spiders

Bring the Itsy Bitsy Spider to life with Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Puppets.

This Beaded Spider Craft is cute and strengthens fine motor skills.  

And these Hand Print Spiders are sure to make you smile.  

Finally, get a little sensory play in with this fun Spider Slime!


And as long as we are talking spiders…

Spiderweb Crafts


These Coffee Filter Spider Webs make lovely decorations.

Work on lacing skills with this simple Paper Plate Spider Web.

These Spiderweb Window Decorations are just too cute!

Make an over-sized Spiderweb Maze and watch the little ones work their way through it.

Give your web some texture with these Sandy Spiderwebs.

Or use craft sticks for these Craft Stick Spiderwebs.




Frozen-themed Craft: Rock Trolls



This past week my daughter celebrated her 7th birthday, and like so many girls, she loves the movie Frozen, so she asked to  have a Frozen-themed birthday party.  We came up with this fun and simple Frozen-themed craft to do at the party.


Frozen themed rock troll craft



Making Rock Trolls for Your Frozen Party:

If you want to make your own rock trolls at a future Frozen birthday party, you will need plenty of rocks.  We found a variety of 3-4 inch tall rocks that had a fairly flat bottom to stand on.

I washed the rocks ahead of time and made sure they were dry before we started making our trolls.

Then I let the kids get creative!

We used a hot glue gun to add on fun google eyes.

I had some Terrarium Moss left over from the salamander we had a couple years ago.  It made the perfect hair for our rock trolls.  I originally used the hot glue to stick it on, but regular white school glue actually worked better for this.  

I also had some green felt they could cut clothing from if desired and some markers to draw on noses and mouths.


I love how unique each of the rock trolls turned out!


fun Frozen-themed rock trolls



The kids had fun creating their trolls and couldn’t wait to show off their Frozen-themed craft to their parents at pick-up time.

Plus, it was a little something special to remember the party by — much more fun than just a goodie bag of candy!

Mini Garden Activity


Last year my daughter joined Girl Scouts, and I became the assistant leader for her Daisy troop.  This year we are working on our journey patches, and we chose the Welcome to the Flower Garden patch to start the year off with because it does such a great job reviewing all those petals we earned last year.

I wanted to share with you the fun mini flower garden we created as part of our patch; it’s a fun craft that can teach little ones as well as those “big” kindergarten and first graders a little about responsibility.

activity for Welcome to the Flower Garden journey


Welcome to the Flower Garden!

For each mini garden activity you will need a small, plastic container with a lid.  (I recycled margarine containers my husband had saved up in the basement.)

To save on the amount of soil each would need, I cut them ahead of time to approximately 2 1/2 inches high.

I also used a nail and poked 3-4 drainage holes in the bottom of each container.


Once we were at the Daisy Girl Scout meeting, the girls took turns filling their containers half way with potting mix.

Then they sprinkled a handful of grass seed on top!


planting seeds for Welcome to the Flower Garden


Why grass seed?

The Watering Can award that goes on the journey’s patch focuses on the part of the Girl Scout law that says, “responsible for what I say and do.”

With our project the girls need to be responsible not only for watering their mini gardens, but also for keeping them nice looking by trimming the grass when it gets too tall.  (Much like the grass head craft we did at home.)


Once the girls had plenty of soil in their containers, they used pre-cut strips of colorful paper to cover the container’s outside.  On this they glued a copy of the Girl Scout promise, a required component of earning the award, and a great way to help refresh their memories after the long summer break!

They also added plenty of stickers for decoration!

decorating mini flower garden



Finally, we added some colorful flowers to our garden.  After all, the journey is “Welcome to the Flower Garden!”


We made our flowers using craft foam shapes, toothpicks, and small beads.

For each flower the girls stuck a small green leaf onto the toothpick.  Next they stuck on a flower shape, and finally they glued a small bead to the top to act as the center of the flower.


Before leaving the meeting the girls took turns using a small watering can to water their mini gardens.  They were reminded of their responsibility to take care of the garden by watering it weekly and trimming the grass as needed.

They were all very excited to show their parents their mini gardens at pick up time!


mini garden activity


This project is definitely one that could be done outside of Girl Scouts.  In fact, my son was asking to create his own mini garden once he saw his sister’s.


Have you created a mini garden with the kids?  I’d love to hear about it!