Heart Gifts, Cards, and Treats



The other day I shared over 50 awesome heart crafts and activities.  

Today I have more terrific heart ideas, with some cute DIY heart gift ideas, heart-themed cards, and some tasty heart treats.

DIY heart gift ideas


over 15 heart-themed card ideas

tasty heart treats for Valentine's Day

Heart Crafts and Activities for Kids


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are tons and tons of awesome heart crafts and activities.


over 50 awesome heart crafts and activities for kids


In fact, there are so many terrific ideas out there, that I’ve gathered them together and divided them into two separate posts to share with you.

Today’s post is full of cute heart crafts to do with the kids as well as some fun heart activities.

In my next post I’ll be sharing gift ideas, cards, and tasty treats, all with a heart theme!


Cute Heart Crafts:

collection of kids heart crafts

fun heart crafts for kids

heart sun catcher crafts


heart crafts perfect for decorating


Fun Heart-Themed Activities:

kids heart activities




Heart Collage Craft


Heart crafts abound when it gets close to Valentine’s Day!  This week we talked about the things we love, family, friends, favorite hobbies…  And then we incorporated those into a Heart Collage Craft!

Heart Collage Craft for kids



We used “fancy scissors” to cut out heart shapes for our collage.

Then I used a black marker to divide each heart into sections.  (For younger children you may want to make fewer sections.)

After that, it was time to get crafty!

We used stickers and markers to decorate each section with something we love.  Get creative!  Use words, draw pictures, use stickers…

Each heart is a beautiful reflection of the individual who create it.


simple heart collage craft


My daughter included family, cats and dogs, writing, flowers….

And my son drew a scene of us taking a walk together, a campfire, and a pencil for drawing.

Heart collage craft



I plan on writing the year on the back of our heart collages and keeping them to look back on when they are older.


If you liked this idea, you may want to check out some of our other Valentine’s Day crafts.


Lego Sentence Building



One of the many benefits to homeschooling is being able to use what the kids are interested in to help them learn. Lego blocks are a huge hit around here, and so we’ve been exploring ways to learn with Legos.  One activity we’ve had fun with this week is this simple Lego Sentence Building Activity.

Lego Sentence Building activity -- help kids learn different parts of speech, sentence structure and reading skills



To recreate this activity, you will need Legos, masking tape, and a marker.  (I used the larger Duplo-sized Legos so I could write our words a bit larger.)

Cut the masking tape to fit each block, and then use a marker to write one word per block.

To sneak in a little more learning, I color-coded our words.  I used yellow blocks to write all our nouns.  I wrote verbs on the blue Legos.  The words “a” and “the” (articles) were written on green and descriptive words (adjectives) were written on red blocks.


using Legos to teach parts of speech and building sentences



I made sure that the verbs I used could be immediately followed by a one word direct object and made sense with the other words I had chosen.  (For instance, “sit” didn’t work without a preposition like “on” being used in the sentence, so that got tossed out.)

To make it easier for you to recreate this activity at home, here are the verbs we used:  hit, kissed, cooked, ate, threw, and sees.

Once you have the blocks ready, it’s time to build sentences!


sentence building activity -- perfect for Lego lovers!



The first few times we did our sentence building I told them which color block they would need next, using the opportunity to point the different parts of speech.  So for the sentence above i asked them to place the blocks in this order: green, yellow, blue, green, red, and yellow.  We paused to talk about how the yellow blocks were all nouns (person, place, thing, or idea) and the blue blocks were all action verbs.

For an older child you might challenge them to build a sentence without telling them which order the colors should go in.

Mine both loved reading the crazy sentences they came up with!


teaching sentence building with Legos


The next time we pulled out our sentence builders I had them write their silly sentences down, using correct capitalization and punctuation.


We have also used our Legos to help practice reading skills.  I simply build a sentence using the blocks and ask them to read it to me.  The sillier the sentence, the better!