Hand Print Teacher Appreciation Cards


It’s that time of year, the time of year where Mother’s Day crafts and teacher appreciation gift ideas are sought out.  This is the last week of the church school program my kids attended this year, and so we’ve been busy making teacher appreciation cards.


cute teacher appreciation cards


The first one we made was a bouquet of hand print flowers.

After using a paintbrush to thoroughly coat her hand in green paint, my daughter had fun making the flower stems for her card.  She used her fingerprints to create each of the flowers, carefully sprinkling a bit of glitter on the wet paint.  A simple construction paper flower pot finished the card.

simple hand print teacher card



To make our second card, a cute hand print fish, we just turned the hand print sideways, added a googly eye and used a permanent marker to add a few details.

hand print teacher card



Cards from students, especially homemade cards, are one of the mementos teachers tend to keep year after year.  (I know I still have all of mine!)

Although we plan to use these as teacher cards, they would also make cute Mother’s Day cards, just include a different message on the fish one!


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Make Your Own Wind Anemometer!


Last week we had tons of fun studying clouds!  (Check out how we made a cloud in a jar and our super simple rain cloud activity.)  This week we are continuing the weather unit.  We have been studying the weather each day, and even made our very own wind anemometer!


DIY wind anemometer to measure wind speed


Materials needed for your own wind meter:

  • 4 paper cups
  • 2 corrugated cardboard strips (1.5 inches by 12 inches)
  • Thumbtack
  • Paintbrush
  • Pen that is able to be taken apart
  • Clay


Glue your 2 pieces of cardboard together as seen in the picture below.

Once the glue is dried, staple each of the paper cups to the ends of the cardboard cross.  Make sure the cups all face the same direction!  (Hint:  We used 1 cup of a different color to make it easier to count spins.  You could also use brightly colored tape on one cup to make it stand out.)


how to build a wind meter


To make the part that our anemometer will spin on, I took apart an old pen.  The empty pen case fits nicely over the end of the paint brush, with enough room to spin when the wind blows.

building a wind measuring device



Next, use the thumbtack to fasten the cardboard cross to the end of the pen case.  Make sure the thumbtack is as close to the center of the cardboard as possible!

We used a can of Play-Doh to hold our wind meter up.  You could also use a lump of clay.


how to build a wind anemometer



Once your wind anemometer is built, you can take it outside to measure the wind!

We set ours up on the picnic table.

To measure the wind speed, set a timer for 1 minute and count how many times the cups spin around in that minute.  (That’s where the different colored cup really comes in handy!)

We have been having fun using our wind meter to compare the wind speeds each day this week.


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Make a Shaving Cream Rain Cloud


If you’re a regular here, you know that we’ve been studying clouds lately.  We had so much fun with our earlier experiment, creating a cloud in a jar, that the kids couldn’t wait to make it rain with their very own shaving cream rain cloud the next day


Make it rain with your own shaving cream cloud!


Materials Needed to Create Shaving Cream Rain Cloud:


To create your cloud, fill your clear container partially with water.  (About half full worked well for us.)

Then spray your shaving cream “cloud” on top of the water.

how to make a shaving cream cloud


Once your cloud is formed, use the eye dropper to drip your liquid watercolors (or food coloring) onto the cloud.  (This is a great opportunity to talk about how clouds can only hold so much liquid.  As water droplets bump together and get larger, they eventually get too heavy for the cloud and fall as rain.)

I asked the kids to predict how many drops their cloud would be able to hold before it “rained.”  Then they counted carefully to see if their predictions were right.

making a shaving cream cloud



Eventually, we were able to see our own rain shower!

how to make rain with a shaving cream cloud



We had so much fun learning about clouds, I am sure the rest of our weather unit is sure to be a hit!




Hamburger Helper — Making Dinner Easy


In a perfect world there would be time to do it all during the day:  school/work, get daily chores done, play with the kids, and get a hot meal on the table in time for dinner.

But I’m going to be honest with you.  Even as a SAHM, there are days that after homeschooling, catching up on laundry and dishes, and running around with the kids, the last thing I want to do is make dinner.  And since a personal chef is out of the question, I was excited to have an opportunity to stock a little help right in my pantry.

review of Hamburger Helper meals


Hamburger Helper to the rescue!

I have a picky eater right now, so I was happy to see how many varieties of Hamburger Helper are available.  With lasagna being one of her favorite meals, I knew I had to pick up the lasagna version.  (She is going to love having the taste of lasagna on a weeknight!)  The cheesy enchilada and chili macaroni also made it home to our pantry.

After a busy day of running errands, I couldn’t wait to give the cheesy enchilada Hamburger Helper dinner a try!


Hamburger Helper Cheesy Enchilada meal



I went ahead and tried the serving suggestion on the back of the box, adding a can of black beans as it simmered and serving it on tortillas.  It’s a great way to add a little more fiber and stretch the meal even further!




Hamburger Helper review


Sometimes it’s not the cooking, but just trying to come up with a dinner idea everyone will eat that is the problem.  And right now, I have to say this was a big hit!  Having a few of these in the pantry for quick and easy weeknight meals is going to come in handy!

Not only is Hamburger Helper a quick and tasty dinner idea, but right now you can get your ground beef for free with the mail in rebate.  How awesome is that?

Hamburger Helper rebate



This is my first experience with Hamburger Helper.  Let me know in the comments what varieties you’ve tried and loved, and be sure to check out the rebate offer!