Paint Blot Craft for It Looked Like Spilt Milk


This week, as we’ve been studying clouds, one of our favorite books has been It Looked Like Spilt Milk.  The book is full of repetition and simple pictures that look like ink blot images, and made this paint blot craft the perfect activity for the book.

paint blot craft to go with It Looked Like Spilt Milk book


I originally wanted to do this craft with white paint to look like the clouds in the book.  Unfortunately I discovered our white paint was all gone.

The kids didn’t seem to mind; fact, they enjoyed picking out other colors to create their paint blot “clouds.”

We simply folded the paper in half and used a paintbrush to paint on half of the paper.  By folding the paper halves together and pressing on them, we got some wonderful images.  (And a great chance to talk about symmetry!)

Once they dried we had fun coming up with what we saw in our “clouds.”

paint blot craft for It Looked Like Spilt Milk


My son immediately saw 2 puppies in the picture above.  Can you see them?


It Looked Like Spilt Milk book craft


This one we decided was a butterfly.


Sometimes it’s the simple crafts that they love the most!


Looking for more books on clouds?

Here are a few more of our favorites!  (Amazon links are provided for your convenience!)

The Cloud Book by Tomie dePaola

Shapes in the Sky: A Book About Clouds by Josepha Sherman

Clouds (Weather Basics) by Erin Edison



How to Make a Cloud in a Jar


We are starting a weather unit in homeschool, and this week we are focusing on clouds!  After reading about how clouds form, we decided to do our own experiment and make a cloud in a jar.  It was so much fun the kids begged to do it several times.

Ready to impress the kids this week?  Make your own cloud!

Make a cloud in a jar!  Fun kid science


Materials Needed to Make a Cloud in a Jar:

  • Clear glass jar with a lid
  • Ice Cubes
  • Hot Water
  • Aerosol Spray (We used hairspray.)


To form your own cloud, pour an inch or two of very hot water (I microwaved a coffee mug full for 2 minutes.) into your empty jar.

Swirl the hot water around a bit to warm up the jar’s sides.

Next, place the jar’s lid over the opening, upside-down, and place several ice cubes on top of the lid.

making a cloud in a jar



Wait 30 seconds and then remove the lid and spray a quick spurt of your aerosol into the jar.  Quickly cover the jar and watch your cloud form!


cloud in jar experiment


It is really hard to see the cloud in the pictures, but, we took the lid off to “let our cloud free.”  This was my daughter’s favorite part!

kid science experiment: cloud in a jar



So, why does it work?

For clouds to form, they need three things:

  • warm, moist air   (provided by the hot water trapped inside the jar)
  • cooling, which causes the moisture to lift (provided by the ice cubes)
  • small particles in the air for the moisture to condense on (in our case it was hair spray, but usually it is dust, smoke, pollution…)



Like the cloud in a jar experiment?   Check out some of our other kid science activities!

And be sure to stop back soon to see what else we do with clouds!

Painting with Flowers


One of my favorite parts of spring is watching the flowers pop up.  I especially love the hints of yellow in the yard, and the dandelion bouquets my youngest brings me.  This week we collected some of those spring flowers and used them to do a little painting with flowers.


painting with flowers -- fun spring craft for kids


We started with a small collection of spring flowers….

spring painting with flowers


Once we started, I quickly realized we were going to need more flowers!

We tried anemone, dandelions, a branch from the pussy willow bush, and even a couple daffodils.

The dandelions were a huge favorite!


flower painting craft


To make painting easier, I poured a little of each color of acrylic paint onto a paper plate.  The dandelions were easy to press into the paint and then stamp onto the paper.

For the more fragile flowers, like the anemone, we used a paint brush to apply the paint to the petals.


The pictures turned out beautiful!


flower painting craft



Have you ever tried painting with flowers?

It’s a wonderful craft to follow up a spring walk with the kids.


Happy spring, and happy crafting!

15 Recycled Crafts for Earth Day


When it comes to craft time, you just can’t beat recyclables!  Not only are recyclables an inexpensive craft material, but crafting with recyclables is also a wonderful way to teach kids to think about the environment.

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, I wanted to share a few of our favorite crafts using recyclables.

15 fun recycled crafts for kids -- great for Earth Day!


Read The Lorax  (a great book about taking care of earth); then create your own Cardboard Tube Lorax!

Use pages from old magazines to make this beautiful butterfly craft!

This Water Bottle Sun Catcher is simple to make and looks amazing when the sun hits it!

Have a vehicle fan at home?  This Recycled Bottle Helicopter will have their imagination soaring!

Too early to catch fireflies?  Craft this Plastic Bottle Firefly which can double as a nightlight when camping!

Make a bouquet of Cardboard Tube Flowers to decorate the table.  (These are great for Mother’s Day, too!)

This Toilet Paper Tube Octopus is fun for little ones to craft and play with.

One of our favorite crafts every year is building a Fairy House from Recyclables.  Each one turns out so different!

Spring is the perfect time to make your own mini garden.

Add to the dress up clothes with this Pretend Play Helmet made from cereal boxes.

This Pretend Play Jet Pack is sure to take them on many far away adventures!

Allergy season leaving you with lots of empty tissue boxes?  Make a few Tissue Box Vehicles – perfect for giving stuffed animals a ride!

Use cardboard tubes to make your own American Girl Doll campfire!  (Also great for those stuffed animals!)

This do-it-yourself Water Wall will keep them cool on hot days!

Hair supplies all over the place?  Recycle a hot chocolate canister into a cute hair supplies organizer!


Bonus Recycled Craft Ideas:  Have a few empty egg cartons?  Here are 40 Fun Egg Carton Crafts and Activities guaranteed to inspire creativity!

And, for those Star Wars fans, make this recycled X-Wing Fighter!