Virus or Teething?

Stomach viruses are no fun, even worse when your kids get sick.  I’m not really sure if that is the case with my son right now, or not.  It could be teething related; after all, his sister had some hellacious diapers when she got her first set of molars, maybe he is working on his 2 year molars?  The other reason I wonder if it’s teething is he won’t eat, not even his favorites.  All he wants is milk, which he screams for and then when he gets it he chugs it way too fast.

Last night he got so upset and drank it so fast that he got sick all over the just cleaned kitchen floor (see, that’s why parents shouldn’t clean).  Since I figure it’s either teething or a virus I didn’t take him to the doctor, but my husband called him.  Yep, he said what I knew he’s say, there isn’t much we can do… except then he said not to give Monkey any more milk for a couple days, just Pedialyte, flat ginger ale, water, or Gatorade and only in one ounce doses so he doesn’t drink it too fast and get sick again.

That did NOT go over well with little guy last night.  Thankfully, after I got him calmed down by telling him a story about Thomas the Train and the Little Engine that Could (Did you know they were friends?), he fell asleep, and he stayed asleep all night.

So here’s what I’m thankful for this Thursday:

  1. Washing machines (I’ve done a lot of sheets, pajamas, and little boy pants lately due to the diaper leaks.)
  2. The fact that both kids slept soundly last night so I could sleep, too.
  3. Monkey seemed content with Pedialyte this morning and only asked for milk once; then he just wanted more Pedialyte after having some.  He even isn’t freaking out when he only gets an ounce at a time.
  4. I’m thankful that my husband called in last night and said he wasn’t going to work (since we didn’t know how the night would go), and that he then got up this morning to run to the store to get more Pedialyte (since I only had a couple packets in the pantry and we didn’t have Gatorade, etc.
  5. Oh!  Monkey actually ate a waffle cut into strips this morning, too.  I’m hoping that means he’s on the mend.

Now, hopefully the rest of us don’t get this… (Another reason I hope it’s teething…)

What are you thankful for today?

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8 Responses

  1. I am always thankful for my family and everything we have. Sometimes I wonder why God gives us so much when we seem to do so little for Him. Thanks for your post. It always keeps me in check to be grateful!
    1tootie foodie recently posted..Tropical Rice

  2. I hope your little guy is feeling better! I am SO glad to be done with the teething stage, though my daughters do seem to go through teething-type pain again with their adult teeth coming in. My oldest even started chewing on things like when she was a baby! Ug.

    What am I thankful for today? I am thankful that my husband has a job that only keeps him away from home for about 6-7 hours per day. He is able to take my girls to school and pick them up on most days. Right now that is most appreciated.
    Karen Greenberg recently posted..No Housework Party

    1. That is wonderful that he gets to drop them off and pick them up from school. I bet they really enjoy that time with Daddy. I know my kids are always excited when Daddy comes home, and it is nice to get a break then, too!

      1. We may not make as much money as some of the families around us, but the time my girls get to spend with their dad is worth it! We make enough to get by and enjoy life a little bit, so we really do have the best of both worlds. My husband owns a landscape maintenance company, which allows him to have the flexibility he does. During the summer months he may work 12 hour days, so there is some give and take. I love it, though!
        Karen Greenberg recently posted..No Housework Party

  3. Aww… hope Monkey’s better soon!

    I am thankful for my adorable baby and for the sunshine today.
    Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama recently posted..My 1st Giveaway- Win a copy of Healthy Child- Healthy World!

  4. My four children are in their 20s now, but I well remember those days and nights of stomach aches, flu, stuffy noses and all around fussiness. What got me through was a lot of prayers and knowing that my little ones needed me. Isn’t that what being a mother is all about? Helping them and their little bodies to heal in as much comfort as possible.

    Stopping by from MomLoop Friday via BlogFrog.
    Linda recently posted..Where I Find Pure Joy

  5. Aww, hoping Monkey feels better. I once made the mistake of buying the red pedialyte when the boys were sick and learned my lesson quick. Only clear for us!
    Alessandra@ Tribal Times recently posted..Weekly recap

  6. I hope the little guy is feeling better soon. Whether it’s teething or a virus they can both just be miserable for the kids and mommy. But, those nights when we get back to sleeping all the way through are so wonderful!
    Letters From Home recently posted..If Only