What Did I Pack Besides Clothes?

With a 3 1/2 and 2 year old, there are some things I’m glad I took time and packed for our trip…

Of course activities for car are important, and I promise to let you know what really worked for us after our return trip to Ohio.  But I also had to think about those little things the kids use at home that weren’t going to be waiting for us in Florida.  For instance, potty seats.  I almost brought Monkey’s little froggy potty, but thankfully he loves his car potty seat (which makes engine noises of all things), so I took the potty out and just tossed the seat in.  I wanted to stick with just one potty seat, but Peanut really wanted her Abby Cadabby potty seat, and if it means the 3 1/2 year old is happy and uses the potty like the “big girl” she is, I’m all for it.  So we brought 2 potty seats.

I also brought one plastic kid plate for each of them, knowing where we were staying only had glass dishes and a hard tile floor…. And I threw in silverware for the 2 year old; the 3 1/2 year old is happy with “big” silverware now, thankfully.  Oh, and of course sippy cups, don’t forget those!  As long as we’re talking things they need to eat here, I also brought a booster seat for my little guy (one that folds up and is pretty portable).  Big sister liked the idea of sitting on her knees at the table, thankfully, so I didn’t have to drag 2 booster seats all the way to Florida.

Since they only have a shower here, no bath tub, and Monkey isn’t quite as ready for showers like his big sister, I had to bring something to let him splash and get clean in (Plus, I figure sitting in water would get the sand out of the little one’s nooks and crannies so to speak….)  I had a big yellow tub I got at Big Lots last summer, I’m pretty sure it’s for ice and pop, etc. if you’re having an outdoor shin-dig.  I actually got it to sit Monkey in when I took both kids to the pond, but it became evident very quickly last summer that he was NOT going to stay in a little tub of water when there was a big pond right there…  (I guess I don’t blame him.)  Anyway, I stuck that in the car and load it up with the overnight bag for the hotel we stayed at on the way and the potty seats, so it didn’t take up too much more room.  I’m glad we have it, because bath time was a breeze just sitting one kid at a time in it in the shower stall and letting them splash and play a bit after getting soaped up.

I know we will probably rent a stroller at Disney, but I really didn’t feel like carrying a kid all the way to the beach each day and back, along with whatever other beach essentials we took.  So I threw in one of our umbrella strollers.  My little guy is solid – okay, heavy.  I would much rather push him than carry him.  And then if my peanut is too tired to walk after the day at the beach, I can give her a piggy back ride, or Daddy can, on our way back to the condo.

The biggest thing I brought is the port-a-crib for my little one.  He’s pretty close to the weight limit, but thankfully he isn’t the climber his sister is (yet), and it is just easier to have something he can’t climb out of, or fall off of (like the bed here).  Especially since they have tile floors.  (Can you imagine trying to sleep on that?)  And even though there are blankets, pillow, sheets, etc. here, I did bring each child’s favorite blankets (cars for Monkey and princesses for Peanut) and of course a few stuffed animals to make them feel more at home.  They also served a dual purpose – I stacked them on the port-a-crib on the back floor so they could rest their legs instead of letting them dangle from the car seats the whole ride.

I won’t bore you with the clothes (extra for both kids, of course, in case of accidents) and toys and books (oh so many books) that I packed.  But I’m glad I brought them all, too.

What strange, yet necessary, things have you packed for kids on a trip?

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4 Responses

  1. My goodness Darling 1Mom, do you own a U-Haul? lol Cups Up! xoxo
    Caffeinated OC Mommy recently posted..Im HOT- Youre NOT! Become a MILF in 5 Easy Steps

  2. As a mom of two kids close in age, like yours, I’d say you are doing good. I’ve traveled from Ohio to Texas more times than I can remember with toddlers. By myself for most of those trips. Long car rides with babies/toddlers is an exercise in patience. The most recent was October 2010, kids were 4 & 5. They did well. Lots of activities, movies and games to keep them head and hands busy.

    The pack and play is the only essential item I saw on your list. :) My kids just recently stopped napping in theirs at the childcare place a year or so ago.
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    1. Yes, the pack and play has been handy; even though it has been hard getting him to go to sleep here…. I can at least put him in it when he does fall asleep so my husband and I can have the little double bed to ourselves.

  3. woops! hit enter too soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog for SITS day!
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