Last Day of Vacation

A week is too short; it seems we only just got to Florida, and now we will be heading back to Ohio.  I’m not really looking forward to the long car ride, and I will miss the beach.

This vacation was a little different than the times I came here in the past.  My husband had never seen the ocean, neither had our kids.  It was nice to see it through their eyes.  I didn’t get too walk the beach endlessly, as I had when I was younger and without kids, but I did get to help my son “jump waves”, listen to his laughter as each one crashed on his tummy, and look for shells with my daughter.  There are things I thought I’d miss doing that I really haven’t missed.  Tickling two little ones in the soft white sand and laughing at how covered they were in it outweighed seeing the sun set each night (although we did keep them up late enough to see it last night).

No, a week isn’t long enough, but I am glad we had it.  We start our journey home tomorrow, and my husband goes on night shift the day we get back (nothing like jumping right back into things).  I better get out the camera and take a few more pics to help capture these memories because I know the next time we get to come here will be different, too.  I am sure by then our kids will have different interests and may not even want to hold Mommy or Daddy’s hand to jump the waves or walk the beach…

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  1. Have a safe return home 1Mommy! xoxo
    Caffeinated OC Mommy recently posted..Monkey Repellent- Valium- Jimmy Choo Water Shoes

    1. Thank you! We’re back home now, safe and sound. Off to check out your latest post soon!