Yet Another Manic Monday

So, last week I explained why I write Manic Monday posts.  Just about the time I hit “publish” on the post, the kids gave me a good taste of a real manic Monday.

It started with a puzzle they both were doing.  Monkey (our toddler) has a certain piece he likes to put in last – the cow.  His sister knows this, but she is 3 1/2, so driving our brother crazy is just starting to be fun…  She picked up the cow, which made him beg for it back, “Cow! Cow!”  And then she put it n the puzzle board.

Monkey is two, and just starting to really act it. That puzzle got picked up and tossed a foot or two.  Peanut immediately started crying.

10 minutes later there was another altercation.  This one over some cars they were playing with.  I really don’t know what happened, since I was TRYING to put sheets in the washer.

But when I stepped in the room I saw the toddler push the preschooler.  (Wow, when did he start doing that?)

Then the preschooler pushed him back, harder.  (I’m starting to see where he learned it from…)  Of course that meant he had to retaliate.  You see where this is going.  Mommy stepped in and made everyone hug and say sorry.  Then I started to get lunch made.

I was  hoping lunch would be the answer.  Maybe they were just hungry and needed a break from play.

I slapped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together at super fast speed and interrupted yet another small squabble to get them to the table.

The preschooler gobbled hers up.  The two year old’s response? “Dog eat,” and then he dropped a piece  to the floor.  “Cheese puffs!”

Mommy was NOT happy.  I took his plate and put it out of his reach while I went to get his sister’s milk refilled.  When I got back I said, “This is your food.  You don’t get anything else until YOU eat it.  Dog does not eat your food.”

What do you know?  He ate it.  Well, after a little bribery…  “You want a strawberry?  You need to eat five bites of your sandwich.”

Eventually one took a nap, and the other had quiet time… I don’t remember what happened after that, but I do know I was pretty happy when the husband came home.

And today?  Today’s another Monday…  How is your Monday going?





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  1. Unfortunately my Monday is sounding much like yours- but in 8 and 10-year-old form. Ug. I am SO ready for school to start again. My girls are bored, and with 110 degree temperatures it’s hard to throw them outside. I’m ready for a break! When my husband gets home from work we are going to the YMCA for the adults to work out and the children to swim, so that should be a nice time. I hope the rest of your week isn’t quite so manic!
    Karen Greenberg recently posted..Mondays Music Moves Me- July 17

    1. I definitely think the heat plays a role here in their craziness! I TRIED to get them to swim in the kiddie pool outside, but they just got crankier, and my kids usually LOVE water! I’m ready for a little break from the heat!

  2. Time goes by so fast! Hang on to each day and make a memory of it. Make a lesson from those crazy days.

    ~ Mona : )
    Mona’s Milestones
    Mona recently posted..Monday Hops

    1. Oh I am definitely loving every crazy minute with my kids; I’ve learned too well how fast the time goes! Sometimes I look at what my daughter is doing and wonder how she ever got that big.

  3. Hahaha! I can relate to this. I have 2 little kids and they really give me a crazy time. I can say that for me, it’s not just a manic Monday but also all the days of the week. Crazy but fun though!
    Lea G recently posted..How to relieve your period pain with Andrea Hepner

  4. You are not alone in that kind of situation. I think many of us always in a panic every Monday though. That is the first day of work after weekend.
    Landon Morales recently posted..Best MLM Leads

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