Happy Birthday, to My Own Little Princess

I’m back!  Did you miss me while my Internet was out of commission?  I sure missed all of you!

So much has happened that I’ve been wanting to share.  My little girl turned 4 this week.  As her birthday approached, I couldn’t help thinking back to last year, the week before she turned three, and all her crazy antics that week.

Thankfully this week went smoother, although it was pretty busy!

She wanted an Ariel, the Little Mermaid, themed party…  She helped Mommy use a glue stick to put pretty tissue paper fish in the windows this week…

easy craft

Decorating for the party

Birthday sign to greet our guests...

We started the birthday morning with presents from Mommy, Daddy, and little brother.  opening presents The birthday party started a little earlier than expected. (I guess everyone was excited to come!)  We played a game of “pin the crown on Ariel” – but the birthday girl REALLY wanted to open up presents…

pin the tale on the donkey

Playing our first birthday party game...

I’ve never seen her open gifts so fast before; I’m pretty sure Christmas is going to be a whirlwind this December!

opening gifts

And the paper is flying!

I'm pretty sure she didn't even notice that she had Mommy and daughter matching jammies in her hands...

first bike

A "big girl" bike from Mamaw and Papaw... Look out for Mommy's cabinets!

After the flying tissue paper settled, Daddy started the grill up, and Mommy got the rest of the Ariel, the Little Mermaid, themed food ready for the kids:  shell macaroni and cheese, squid dogs, cheese slices cut with a star cookie cutter to make “star fish”, and gold fish crackers.

Then it was cake time!  Peanut stretched Mommy’s imagination this year, requesting a sand castle cake that looked like the ones Daddy and she made in Florida….  (I’ll post directions and pics of the cake in process later this week.)

Close your eyes and make a wish!

I still can’t believe my little angel turned 4 this week!

Now it’s time to go play with her and all those new toys —


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  1. I love the food you had at the party! I wouldn’t have even thought of the shell mac & cheese. Looks like she had a very memorable 4th birthday party! Oh, and don’t grandparents always give the best gifts! That bike was AWESOME!!!
    Kristen recently posted..I’m a Greedy Mommy…

    1. Grandparents do give pretty good gifts… The bike was almost a fight, though, b/c we had planned on buying it for her. But, they did agree to buy the one we picked out, and it did mean less money out of our wallet! :)

  2. aawww look how happy she is! her birthday cake is pretty nice!
    Charisma recently posted..Difficulty Getting Pregnant

    1. Thanks – took me a little over an hour to decorate, but she loved it!

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