1. Oh my… I’m a mood killer. I would be saying “Don’t ever do that again, you might hurt yourself.” Older Sis babysat one day and when I came home everybody had pillows stuffed in their shirts and were playing ‘bumper bellies’ in the living room. Fun, yes. Scary, yes. Coffee table has pointy corners. I’m un-fun. Looks like she had a blast!

    • Bumper Bellies??? Sounds hilarious! 🙂
      I have long since realized my little girl is a climber… And honestly, she gets it from me – I remember climbing the I-beam support poles in my parents’ basement…

  2. Oh! This would probably give me a heart attack! My oldest was a wall-climber, but he was also very cautious. Once I explained how he could hurt himself by climbing up tot eh ceiling and accidentally falling, his climbing was limited to doorknob-level. (whew!)

    • The first time I saw her I really didn’t know how to react. My biggest rule? She HAS to have her panties on at least before trying it (she tried it w/o once)… I don’t want to explain splinters in that area to a doctor…lol.

    • Yes, my little girl has been a climber from day 1 – LOL. I remember trying to nurse her brother and get her off the t.v. while she climbed. I finally just gave up.

  3. I guess that’s what I have to look forward to huh…? =) My middle loves to climb everything… I better keep an eye on him…LOL!

  4. Ha ha ha… hopefully she didn’t get any splinters ouch… They’re so fearless at that age huh? My 4 year old son is constantly climbing and running all over the house. His many falls haven’t slowed him down a bit… You too are certainly outnumbered!
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    • Yes, my one requirement is that she has to have panties on at least when doing it – preferably pants, too! I can just see trying to tell someone how she got splinters there….