Valentine’s Day Sun-Catcher #Craft

Looking for some fun and easy Valentine’s Day crafts to do with your little ones?  I have quite a few to share with you over the next few days.  The first is a Valentine’s Day sun-catcher.

Making a Valentine’s Day sun-catcher is easy and fun for little ones.  And the materials needed are simple, too.  For this craft you will need a paper plate, ribbon, and colored tissue paper (we chose red and pink).  To really have fun creating, Valentine’s Day stickers, markers, and glitter glue are also fun!

  1. First, cut out the inner circle of the paper plate. upcycle craft
  2. Next, glue a piece of colored tissue paper to the back of the plate.  I first tried cutting a circle slightly larger than the hole to do this, but it worked out better, and faster, to just run glue around the plate and stick it to a square piece.  You can trim off the excess once the project is dry.  (If dealing with impatient little ones, or working with more than one child, you might want to do the first 2 steps BEFORE announcing the craft.) upcycled paper craft
  3. The tissue paper showing through the plate’s hole can be decorated with different colored tissue paper hearts.  (Again, have these cut out ahead of time!)
  4. Use stickers, markers, glitter glue, or more tissue paper hearts to decorate the rim of the paper plate.

    Valentine's Day craft

    Hint: if using glitter glue, using a paint brush will help lttle ones not use all the glitter glue up on one craft!

  5. Once the project is finished, let it dry completely.  Then punch a hole at the top to tie a ribbon through for hanging and trim the excess tissue paper.
  6. Hang sun-catcher in a window that gets plenty of sunlight, and enjoy! preschooler Valentine's Day craft

Have fun creating your sun-catchers, and be sure to stop back in a few days to see our love bugs!

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  1. I love this idea, thank you for sharing this craft; it is great for the kiddos and moms. I like the fact that the kiddos will have fun making the Sun catcher and that it isn’t too complicated and doesn’t require too many steps. Also, you provided some useful advice; I will be waiting until the second step before announcing the craft, otherwise the kiddos are almost guaranteed to get impatient.
    Kat recently posted..Pink Lemonade Baby Shower

    1. They had fun doing it – they each made 2. We gave one to my MIL and one to my husband’s aunt who has babysat a few times for us. The kids were super proud of their gifts.
      I learned the hard way that having the plate cut and glued to the tissue paper ahead of time would be a good idea… Happy to pass on a useful tip!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like the suncatcher idea! Do you care if I use one of your photos on my blog with a link back here for the directions?
    Bethany recently posted..Children’s Books That Say "I Love You"

    1. Thanks for stopping in — and for asking before using the pic. I would be honored if you want to use a pic and link back to my post. :)

  3. Ooh what a great one! Will try tomorrow thank you!!
    Mommy with selective memory recently posted..Giveaway for 5 Star Urgent Responder ($99 value)

    1. They had fun doing it – they each made 2, one to keep and 1 to give as a gift. Have fun!

  4. Ps pinning now on pinterest!! :-)
    Mommy with selective memory recently posted..Giveaway for 5 Star Urgent Responder ($99 value)

    1. Thanks!

  5. VERY CUTE!!! Love it.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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