#Spring Cleaning Ten Things Tuesday

Has the temperature changed where you’re at?  Here it has dropped 20 degrees in the past few days, making it closer to what I expect for spring temperatures.

It’s good weather for airing out the  house and continuing with the spring cleaning my little girl and I started last week.

I have a long list of things I’d like to accomplish when it comes to spring cleaning, but here are 10 that are on my spring cleaning list each year (a couple are repeated in the fall, too).

  1. Dust and polish the kitchen cabinets (including the tops and the knickknacks that I have displayed up there…).
  2. Clean the oven.  Whoever named it a “self-cleaning” oven should apologize to his wife.  It certainly does NOT clean it’s self.  Once it has burned all the junk up, it still needs wiped down, and then you still have to scrape and use elbow-grease on the door to get IT cleaned.  Seriously, who do I contact about getting it renamed to “assisted-cleaning oven” instead?
  3. vacuum out the dryer vents/hose.  (PLEASE, make sure to do this periodically as part of your fire safety!)
  4. Dust/polish the wood window frames.  My husband really wanted these when we had the house built.  But who is the one left to take care of them so they keep looking good for the next 30 years??  I bet he doesn’t even know I polish them each year.
  5. Use the vacuum attachment to do all the edging around the house.  (Okay,since we have a big, hairy dog, I should do this more often, and I do do it a few times a year in the areas you see the most…), but getting behind the couch, and all the other nooks and crannies?  Yeah, I have a life.
  6. Dust all the stuff on top of the book cases, dust the stuffed bears on my curio cabinet, dust the top of the husband’s wardrobe… Just dust all the stuff that is way up high.
  7. Dust the floorboards.  (This sounds like a good task for Peanut and Monkey, don’t you think?)
  8. Flip the mattresses.  Easy with the toddler beds.  Not so easy with the King mattress.  This year I won’t attempt to do it alone, like I did last year…  Being pinned between the mattress and wardrobe could be REALLY embarrassing, you know, if THAT ever happened…
  9. Go through the kids’ toys and clothes.  Figure out what will/won’t fit for summer and what items they may need.  Sell/donate anything no longer being used.  (I actually do this several times a year, but there is something about spring cleaning that screams “get rid of junk!”
  10. Organize the junk that has accumulated under the steps in the basement.  This is one that didn’t get finished last year.  I had good intentions of finishing it, really, I did.  But the sun was sooo shiny….


So what’s on your spring cleaning list this year?


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post on Spring cleaning! I must say, you are super organized and way ahead of me! I pretty much try to do the same as you :)
    Thanks for creating this list, I will print it out and put it on my fridge and check off as I go :)
    Michelle recently posted..Do You Use A Clothes Line?

    1. Oh, I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m super organized… Maybe super HOPEFUL… LOL. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. I loathe sorting through the kids’ clothes. Have to get the bins all down from the garage and then mourn the loss of yet ANOTHER year of their childhood! It always depresses me so. Thank goodness for chocolate. :)

    1. Oh I know! LOL. My little girl never seems to grow… So she stays in things for a lot longer, but her little brother grows like a weed! I confess, I have a large bag of “favorites” of theirs I”ve kept; I just can’t seem to let them go.

  3. Oh OneMommy..great minds think alike! LOL check out my post today..we are so funny:) GREAT LIST!
    shari lynne @ Faith Filled Food For Moms and Grandmothers recently posted..Spring Cleaning My Home and My Heart

    1. I know! I just came from your site! LOL! Happy spring cleaning!

  4. I’ve been cleaning too! Hubby’s always in charge of the vacuum in our house but about once or twice a year like today *yippie* he lets me get onto his desk which is in our den and give it a good cleaning and organizing! What a relief! He can build up clutter like nobody’s business….
    jen recently posted..live in the sunshine

    1. Oh, I have to sneak clean sometimes! LOL. The desk we have our computer on used to be filled with the same junk my husband had in it from high school. Over the years I can’t tell you the number of dried up pens, broken pencils, rubber bands, etc. I’ve gotten rid of slowly but surely…

  5. Whew. After reading your post, it’s time for a rest. lol These are great ideas. It all needs to be done at some point.

    1. LOL – Thankfully I don’t attempt to do them all at once. Not even all in the same week. I have days where I get a few things done… and days I get none of it done. Like yesterday I sharpened and polished the wood knives and polished the copper bottom pots — not even on my top 10 list, but I was able to do them while the kids played.

  6. I am tired just from reading that list. Maybe I need to read it in the morning when I am a bit refreshed :-) Tonight, I am way sleepy!
    Kristen recently posted..Pausing Life for A Moment with JDaniel4′S Mom

    1. I’m tired from writing it! LOL. And it’s not even the entire list of what I’d like to get done…

  7. Got to get in the kids drawers and sort out clothes into what still fits, what doesn’t. And still need to flip the king mattress–thanks for the reminder!
    Kim recently posted..Another Meme

    1. Make sure you get some help flipping that mattress…. (Learn from my mistake – being pinned against the wardrobe wasn’t the best part of spring cleaning…)

  8. I routinely rage at the nerve of the people who sell “self-cleaning” ovens. I’m pretty sure I spend more time scrubbing that thing than most other things in my kitchen combined, things that are not called self-cleaning. They should call it “non-cleaning” or “cleaning-resistant” or just “dirty”.

    1. Thank you! Here I thought maybe it was just me!
      (There’s a reason mine only gets cleaned a couple times a year!)

  9. We have gone about 20 degrees C for the first time since last summer, its amazing! Of course there is just 1 thing to clean at this time of year…… the balcony!
    Sandra6 recently posted..Some supprising car stats and no so supprising breakdown ones

    1. Definitely have to have a nice place to sit outside and enjoy the weather! :)

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