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I’ve been looking forward to trying some “straw painting” with the kids for a while now. I decided we’d give it a try to decorate some paper Easter eggs.

Kids Easter craft


Before craft time I used an egg pattern I created to draw 3 eggs on each sheet of paper.  (Need help to make a good looking egg?  Try using 2 different sized small cups to partially trace for the upper and bottom parts and then connect together.)

I then gathered the necessary supplies.  simple kids Easter craft I originally thought we’d leave the eggs on the paper when finished and then decorate the open spots with stickers, but I learned it is REALLY hard for little ones to blow the paint only in the egg shape; plus, they look so pretty cut out!

(I also learned that this craft would be best for children 4 and up…  The almost 3-year-old kept forgetting to blow through his straw, and he drank some paint.  More than a few times.)

To paint your eggs, dab some watered down paint (don’t get it too watery or it will race across your paper when you blow!) onto the edge of your egg shape and then use a straw to gently blow the paint in different directions. painting Easter eggs Try several colors on each egg!

Once the eggs dried we cut them out and hung them up for everyone to admire. kids egg craft I think our eggs turned out pretty nice for a first attempt.  I’m thinking an older child would have fun doing it, too, and be able to really control where the paint gets blown for some beautiful eggs!

Now that we painted paper eggs, we’re ready for the real ones this week!

Looking for other Easter crafts?  How about cotton ball chicks or hand print sheep?

Happy crafting!


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  1. Did your kids love the blowing through the straw part? Mine always thought that was a blast. Of course it was usually water being blown at each other instead of something constructive like a craft:-)

    1. Oh, yes! My daughter LOVES straws… She is always blowing bubbles in drinks, which is why I was excited to try the craft with them. She got it, but little brother kept drinking the paint (with him, it might have been on purpose…lol).

  2. We’ve done that..it’s so fun!! What cute little eggs. We used to have cotton ball races across the table with blowing into straws :)
    Your a great Mommy!
    shari lynne @ Faith Filled Food For Moms and Grandmothers recently posted..Family Fun and Chick fil A Giveaway!

    1. I LOVE the idea of cotton ball races! We are going to have to try that one! (at least the little guy can’t drink cotton balls…)

      Thank you, Shari, for the sweet compliment.

  3. Love that! I bet they had fun!
    Erin Bassett recently posted..DIY Embroidered Heart Necklace

    1. I think my daughter had the most fun – she loves straws!

  4. This sure looks like fun. Quite imaginative.
    DM Donna recently posted..Guest Post Ginny Marie

    1. Thanks – they had fun with it. :)

  5. The eggs turned out very nice. I like the effect of the “blown” paint. The cotton ball chicks are very cute too!
    Jen {at} take2mommy recently posted..It’s here! My SITS day is here!

    1. Thanks for taking time out of your super busy, super special SITS day to stop by! :)

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