Thankful for Great Ideas in the Blog World

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Time to be thankful.

I am thankful for the many wonderful ideas, the crafts, recipes, and activities, that I’ve learned from other mommy bloggers.

For example, I never imagined how long these simple objects could entertain a child. entertaining kids

It was a crazy day, the kids kept getting into little tiffs.  I was struggling to get dinner cooked when I remembered reading a post on Hands on as We Grow about letting kids thread pipe cleaners into the holes of a colander.

Wondering if it would actually work, I grabbed the colander from the cabinet, put it upside down on the floor, grabbed a handful of pipe cleaners and showed my almost 3-year-old little boy what to do.

He was hooked in an instant.

He let Mommy slide in the yellow pipe cleaner while he did the red.  He carefully slid the fuzzy wire through the itty-bitty hole and was so proud when it disappeared.

He proceeded to do each and every pipe cleaner, while I put potatoes in the microwave, flipped the chicken over, and started getting veggies ready for dinner.  20 minutes went by and he was still entertained.

When big sister came out, he couldn’t wait to show her the new game.  Previous squabbles from the day were forgotten as he handed her pipe cleaners to thread.

Pure magic.

They ate dinner and returned to playing with the pipe cleaners.

Peace and a chance to cook dinner without referring, what else could a Mommy ask for?


You’re turn!  What ideas have you discovered through the world of blogging that you’re thankful for?


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  1. It’s nice to know that pipe cleaners are still in vogue with the kids. I remember having so much fun during craft time!
    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments.
    Rona recently posted..Key Points of the Maine Dialect ~ Something You Probably Don’t Know About Me!

    1. My daughter loves pipe cleaners – she tries to snatch them from the craft box whenever she can. :)

  2. What a brilliant idea!

    1. I know – so simple, too! I love all the great ideas you can come across on people’s blogs!

  3. Awesome! I love little “stay happy” games! I have a little person that would probably love this … and pipe cleaners in the craft closet, too!

    I have a DIY this week that was more crafty for me, but a mommy-helper, too.

    Visiting from SITS :)
    morgan recently posted..small things {bedtime}

    1. Hope your little one loved it as much as mine did! Can’t wait to read your DIY post!
      Thanks for visiting from SITS; stop by any time!

  4. I have learned a lot of my art techniques – mixed media especially – from the art blogs I visit. These blogs give me a lot of courage to try things I would not have tried in the past.

    So glad I found you today via the Saturday SITS Sharefest!
    Julie Jordan Scott recently posted..S is for Sara Teasdale: Women Writers in Literary History from A to Z #atozchallenge

    1. I love how you find things you’d never think to try just from other blogs –

      Thanks for stopping by from SITS Sharefest! Can’t wait to read your latest post!

  5. What a great idea!!! I love the things other bloggers come up with! We recently started building forts. My boys used to do it all the time, but I never showed the princess how to do it. A bloggy mom reminded me and we’ve been doing it ever since!!! Come see what else we’ve been up to at…

    xoxo, Rulissa

    1. Oh, I used to build forts all the time! I’ve only done in a couple times with the kids – funny what we forget really works until we are reminded!

  6. Another fun idea. Who would have thought? I live on the internet finding all sorts of ideas for my many projects.
    Donna recently posted..Dodger a Puppy Mill Survivor

    1. Yeah, can’t say I’d ever had come up with that one on my own.

  7. I wrote a post on how to survive travel with young kids this morning. Another blogger wrote a similar post from a completely different angle — hers was all about repurposing household products to make travel easier. My favorite: turning a plastic cereal storage box with lid into a portable garbage can. Imagine that plastic bag full of junk, contained. NO SPILLS!!! No ketchup squirting across the car when a kid stomps on it. :) AWESOME!!!
    FamilyTravelsonaBudget recently posted..Surviving "Are we there yet?"

    1. I like that! Thanks for sharing that tip here!
      Can’t wait to see what else you wrote about in your post!

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