Copy-Kids Review and Giveaway

Looking for a way to get your kids to try some new fruits and vegetables?  Or maybe your kids are like mine and enjoy most fruits and veggies, but you’d like to inspire them to eat MORE of them?

Well, I’ve got the perfect video for you!

Yes, I said video.

Afterall, kids love to do what other kids do.  What better way to get kids to eat more fruits and veggies than to show them other kids eating, and enjoying, a variety of healthy snacks?

What’s the name of the video?  Copy-Kids: eat fruits and vegetables.

Copy-Kids began when a mother realized her own daughter seemed to try new fruits and vegetables more willingly when she saw another child eating them.  (I’ve seen it with my own kids when we picnic with a friend of mine, my kids ALWAYS seem to want to eat whatever fruits/vegetables she packed for her kids; thankfully she always has plenty to share!)

The video is divided into 12 chapters, each 6-8 minutes long, that focus on one particular fruit or vegetable, and it is geared towards kids ages 6 months to 5 years.

My kids enjoyed watching the children on t.v. snacking on fresh blueberries, crunchy carrots, and enjoying juicy tomatoes.  As we watched I  read them the names and ages of the kids from the t.v. screen – my son, in particular, loved it when there was a child his age eating whatever food was being focused on.

Me?  I liked that the kids didn’t seem like they were acting or being forced to eat the food.  They were just being kids – down to one little girl sticking raspberries on her fingertips before eating them (my daughter thought this was great because she does the exact same thing).

The first day we viewed the video, we watched 5 of the 12 chapters.  And my kids were asking for the foods they saw being eaten.  (Be warned:  have the appropriate food on hand!)  They happily munched blueberries while watching the kids on t.v. eat the same thing.

Now, here’s the part I didn’t expect:  the next day the kids were begging me to watch the “vegetable and fruit video” again.  Even with all the other videos we have!  They couldn’t wait to see their peers eat oranges; when the banana segment came on they wanted to try peeling their own bananas like the kids in the video.

So, how do you get your very own copy to share with your little ones?

It is available for $19.95 at the Copy-Kids website.


You can win your very own copy right here!

Just leave a comment telling me which fruits or vegetables you’d like to get your little one(s) to eat and you will be entered in a random drawing for your very own copy of the D.V.D.  Giveaway ends Monday, April 30, 2012.  You must be 18+ years to enter.


Here’s to happy and healthy kids!  Good luck!


* I was provided with a complimentary product to review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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  1. Sounds like fun!

  2. There are actually a lot of things we need to do to make our kids eat more vegetables and fruits deliciously and with their passion..
    Kazsandra recently posted..How To Control Panic Attacks

    1. Oh, I agree. A video is not the sole answer, but it can get you a foot in the door.

  3. I guess it is the monkey see, monkey do thing. Kids are great in absorbing knowledge and attitude from the people around them so a learning material like Copy-Kids is a good idea.
    Heath recently posted..theme park coupons

    1. Definitely a monkey see, monkey do thing. Makes sense, too. Kids see someone with a toy they don’t have and they want it. They see kids climbing the slide instead of going down the right way, and they want to do it, too…. Why not for something good for them?

  4. Since Norah is only 10 months she pretty much eats whatever fruit or veggie that we put in front of her but I’m sure with time she will start to reject some. I’d love to try something like this early on so maybe she never does develop the aversions.
    Jacklynn recently posted..Visiting Some Friends

  5. What a smart idea! I love it.
    Donna recently posted..Dodger a Puppy Mill Survivor

  6. This is a brilliant idea! My kids may be past the age of being influenced by such a thing (13 and 10), but I can absolutely see this working on younger children.
    Louise Ducote recently posted..A Slight Crush

    1. Yeah, lol, I guess they wouldn’t find it too amusing! :)

  7. Hmm they eat pretty much anything I give them. I’ll say…green beans.
    Laughwithusblog recently posted..I Say Embarrassing Things

    1. Yes, I’ve been pretty lucky that way, too.

  8. I have always been very lucky. My boys love eating fruits and vegetables. I always made all their puree’s from scratch, so their little mouths were trained ata very young age to eat their fruits and veggies.
    I hope this keeps up as they get older!
    Michelle recently posted..Pollution: Plastic In Our Oceans

    1. So important to catch them at that young age!

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