Coffee Filter Crafts



Time to use that science experiment with the coffee filters we did last week for a craft!

Our first coffee filter craft was a flower.

The flowers are super easy!  We chose to use some fancy scissors with a scalloped edge to trim the top of each coffee filter.  You could totally skip that step if you want to.

Then, all you do is open up the coffee filter, pinch the bottom part and wrap a green pipe cleaner tightly around the bottom.

coffee filter craft

(I had to help my youngest to make sure the pipe cleaner was good and tight.)

My daughter was thrilled to have her very own bouquet!


preschool coffee filter craft


Our second craft out of coffee filters was a butterfly.

First we folded the coffee filter accordion style.


craft with coffee filters



Then we cut along the seems and opened it up to make the wings.  (Our filters were cone-shapped.  For regular filters just fold the filter in half and cut a triangular wedge from each side to form wings.)

We glued a clothes pin onto the “wings” to make a body.  Then we added google eyes and hot glued sparkly pipe cleaner for antennae.


coffee filter butterfly


They both have been having fun flying their creations around.

I think they would be super cute on the refrigerator, too!  You just need to glue a magnet onto the back.



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  1. these are cute butterflies, I just made an entry on doily butterflies! I like the clothespin with glitter antennas! I will follow you thru pinterest (catchacreation)
    krystie recently posted..How to make a butterfly using doilies

    1. Oh, I can’t wait to check out your butterflies, too!
      I’ll be looking for you on pinterest!

  2. Coffee filter crafts are a favorite of ours! Thanks for joining us at Share It Saturday!
    Colleen at Sugar Aunts
    Sugar Aunts recently posted..Share It Saturday #21 and our Week-In-Review

  3. Way, way too cute. Look at the pride on your daughter’s face.
    Donna DM Yates recently posted..The Saga of Always Continues

    1. She loves doing crafts — and showing them off! :)

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