Shaving Cream and Sand Sensory Play


We have been having lots of fun exploring different types of sensory play lately.

After our “rainbow cream pies,” I was looking forward to finding more shaving cream mixes to play with. And then it hit me.  (Or I hit it, when I walked into the sand and water table…) Sand! I found the perfect opportunity for us to test out this fun mix when my 7 year-old niece came up to play this past week.

shaving cream and sand sensory play


I started off with a large shallow storage container for our sensory bin.  Then I added in several cups of our play sand and started squirting shaving cream on top of it. This definitely got the attention of all three kids! sensory play with shaving cream


They started off trying to mix it with spoons, but when I told them to go ahead and use their hands, they REALLY got into it! I think mixing it was one of their favorite parts! I just kept adding sand and shaving cream as needed until we wound up with a nice, fluffy, sandy texture.  It honestly reminded me of that whipped butter and cinnamon/sugar mix they put on sweet potatoes at some restaurants…


sand and shaving cream sensory tub

They all had fun piling it into their hands, mixing it, and just feeling it. The texture doesn’t last long with 3 little ones constantly mixing it.  But while it did, it was really neat feeling!

After a while they stopped asking for me to add more shaving cream and got down to just playing with the fragrant, damp sand.  I pulled out a second container so my son could drive trucks in his while the girls made “pancakes” and other assorted goodies. They played for well over an hour.

My niece kept telling me it was the “best time” she’d had up here — pretty high compliments from a 7 year-old.   This is one of those sensory plays that is fun for all ages!

Have you mixed anything with shaving cream for a new sensory experience?  I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. That’s brilliant! I think I would like to play in that concoction!
    GInny Marie recently posted..Big Blue and All My Hats

    1. It WAS pretty fun to play in, I have to say! :)

    2. It WAS pretty fun to play in, I have to say! :)

  2. My kids are older, but I miss activities like this. I’m gonna tweet and pin it for all the parents of little ones. Such a fun project! Have a lovely day.
    Kris, Neighbor Chick recently posted..If you visited me

    1. Thank you so much for pinning it!

  3. That does look so fun and simple and I can’t wait to try it. We have a sandbox filled with 3,000 lbs of sand! I would love for you to stop by and share it on my new Sensory Play Wednesdays Linky Party!

    sarah recently posted..Ultimate Wednesday Sensory Play Party Linky

  4. I never thought about mixing shaving cream with sand. Great idea! Sounds like the kids enjoyed! :)
    Andrea B (@goodgirlgonered) recently posted..Dusting off the shelves.

    1. It was super neat feeling! :)

  5. We tried something similar – shaving cream and rice (my 4-year-old’s idea) and she didn’t like the texture of it. I’m glad your kids seemed to enjoy your mixture more!
    Emma recently posted..Our First Sensory Bin…with Shaving Cream

    1. Oh, now shaving cream and rice sounds interesting….. I love what kids come up with! Maybe she’d like the sand one?

  6. What a great idea. How do you think of this stuff?! I have pinned for future use. Thanks for sharing with the pin it party this week :)
    Mum of One recently posted..Mondays Parenting Pin it Party #13

  7. What a great idea!! I love it! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!
    Carrie recently posted..Math Lesson: Number Importance & Number Sense

  8. Amazing. I never would have thought of this. And it kept them creative for quite a while.
    Donna Yates recently posted..Time for a What Makes Me Laugh Post

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