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Last week was busy around here, and then the kids were sick.  We missed doing our next letter in our vehicle alphabet series.  When I suggested we do it over the weekend, my kindergartner was excited to be involved.

Our letter?  “K”…and  when it comes to vehicles, “K” Is for Kayak!

vehicle activities for letter K


We started off reading a cute book we found at the library: A Cat in a Kayak. kids kayak activities


While we looked at the beautiful pictures, we talked about the similarities and differences between a kayak and a canoe.  (They’d never seen a real kayak before, but they’ve been in a canoe, so it helped them relate it to something they knew.)

Since kayaks move on water, I had a little science experiment planned.   It was time to see what floats!

k is for kayak


I collected a few items for our experiment before hand:  wooden blocks, craft foam, pennies, large plastic beads, craft sticks, bottle caps….  I had them guess whether each item would float or sink before they placed it in the water.  Pretty soon they were collecting their own items to check and see what would float.


To get them a little more active we had a couple scavenger hunts next.

First I asked them to find me some objects that start with the letter “K.”

activities for letter K


That decorated hand print?  My daughter drew a kraken.  (You know, the mythical sea creature that resembles a giant squid.)  I love that she thought of that one!

Then I hid a handful of cards with “K” written on them, and sent them on the second scavenger hunt.

activities for letter K


Finally, it was time to create our own kayaks!

I drew the basic shape of a kayak on construction paper ahead of time.  After they wrote “K is for kayak” at the top, they carefully painted glue on their kayak. activities for letter K


Next we sprinkled (okay, they poured) colored sand across the glue, lifting the paper and moving the sand so it would stick to the glue and color their kayaks.

Of course the kayaks needed paddles…  A craft stick with paddle ends made of card stock made the perfect paddles. activities for letter K activities for letter k


Have your own vehicle obsessed preschooler?  Check out some of our other vehicle alphabet fun!



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  1. Love this idea for an activity…my Kindergartener would love this! :)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..We Have A “Cat”astrophe On Our Hands

    1. Thanks! It was originally meant just for my preschooler, but his kindergartner sister had a lot of fun doing it with us. :)

  2. Thanks for linking up with The mommy Club Linky party! You were super quick this week- what a great spot you got! I love ho wyou follow the letter your working on through so many crafts and activities! Great ideas! Thanks so much for linking up – cant wait to see what you have for us next week! :)

    -Shannon (
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  3. This looks super fun! Thanks bunches for sharing it on the Mommy Club last week! As one of my favorite links last week, you have been featured this week. Woot!
    Kelli at 3 Boys and a Dog recently posted..The Mommy Club: Share Your Resources and Solutions #123

    1. Thank you so much for hosting, and for featuring it this week!

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