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We’ve had quite a few snow days already this year…  And when you’re snowed in, crafting is a great activity to keep kids occupied!  (Better they do something constructive than destructive….)

This last snow day I pulled out the red and green craft sticks I bought a month or so ago at the dollar store.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them at the time, but for a buck for 50 large craft sticks, I had to get them.

My daughter used a few to make a triangle, and the idea for our next craft was born!   craft stick ornament


I hot glued several sets of green and red triangles together.  Then I gathered up a variety of craft items:  glitter, sequins, foam stickers, ribbon, Christmas stickers, etc.

I also grabbed some cotton balls.  I thought the red triangles would make cute Santa hats!

craft stick ornaments



The kids spent the next 45 minutes getting creative with the craft supplies.  I tried not to give any input into what they were doing — I wanted their ornaments to be uniquely their own!

The 4 year-old picked through all the craft supplies until he found some foam car stickers…  He also got out the markers and drew our family on an ornament. craft stick ornament


The 6 year-old had a blast shaking on glitter, over and over again.  (I have them shake it over a piece of paper so I can shake it back into the container at the end.  In this case, there wasn’t much left at the end of our crafting!)

She also used some of the sparkly sequins (Anything that sparkles is a hit!) and some Christmas stickers to decorate her “trees.”  Since she had seen my idea of Santa’s hat, she made one of those, too.

craft stick ornament



I love adding kid-made ornaments to our tree!  I jotted their names and the year on the backs — these are definitely something I will pull out years from now and cherish!


Looking for other ornament ideas?

Check out our beaded Christmas ornaments, Play-Doh ornaments,  and sparkly pine cone ornaments!

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  1. Another fun activity and so creative. I love the Santa hat.
    Donna DM Yates recently posted..Believing in Yourself The Bee Gees

  2. I love your crafts for kids..they are always so easy and so cute. I pray the Lord will bless you this Christmas season! Kids are getting so big! :) Blessings!
    shari lynne @ faith filled food for moms recently posted..Snowball Cookies #SweetCreations Cookie Exchange

    1. Thank you. And, yes, they are getting big! I’m actually in the middle of hunting through the hand-me-downs hoping to find longer pants for each of them. LOL.

      May you have a wonderful Christmas too!

  3. These are cute! I love simple crafts :)
    Emma recently posted..Cardboard and String Ornaments

  4. Oh good… another easy craft I can do with the kiddos in the coming days while they bounce off the walls waiting for Santa!!!! Thanks friend!
    Chris Carter recently posted..My Favorite Christmas Gifts To Give

    1. LOL — Mine are bouncing off the walls as I type. Too much sugar and too much excitement over the big day coming!

      Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Another fantastic and simple idea for Christmas, so good to do with the kids when the weather is not so good for outside play!
    Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy recently posted..It’s The Silly Season #MummyMondays

  6. I am so glad that the image of your daughter was of pomegranate splatter! I thought she got some rash over Christmas! The worst! haha! Enjoy your blogging break! Thanks so much for stopping by the Critters And Crayons Facebook Page today- I am always glad to connect to with other bloggers!
    tricia recently posted..Parenting Is Like Sledding. Sled Optional.

    1. LOL — Yes, I guess it does look like a rash at first! Nope, that’s just my girl, doing things her way, even after I make a suggestion.

      Thanks so much for returning the stop — I really did love your sled/parenting metaphor!

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