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I’ve been anxiously waiting for some of that big bubble wrap that Amazon sometimes uses as filler in its packages…  I just couldn’t wait to try this fun sight word activity I first saw over at Mamas Like Me!

This week we got to try it out for ourselves, and it was a total blast! fun sight word game via There's Just One Mommy


To prepare for the sight word game, I used a permanent marker and wrote one sight word per bubble.  I also carefully separated the bubbles so they were no longer connected to each other.

At this point the kindergartner could not wait.  She just knew she was going to get to pop those bubbles!

She had tons of fun finding the word I asked her to find and then squishing the bubbles in her hands until they popped.  I thought she’d try stomping on them, but she really preferred using her hands. kindergarten sight word game


I have to warn you, this activity goes fast!  (It was impossible to get a good picture!)


You can bet we will be doing this one again, as soon as we get more of those large bubbles!


Looking for more sight word fun?

Check out our Cat in the Hat Sight Word Game and our Sight Word Blast Off!


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  1. Totally fun – no matter the age!! :) Michelle

    1. Definitely! Who can resist bubble wrap??

  2. How fun! I’ve never thought about doing this. My little cousin would love this. She’s be learning and destroying something, she’s be in! I’m going to save all my filler bubbles. Happy Wednesday!
    Leslie recently posted..Amazing Stuffed Shells

  3. Anything with bubble wrap is always more fun! I can’t wait to try this!
    Emma @ P is for Preschooler recently posted..Egg Carton Fairy Houses

    1. Oh, I know! Bubble wrap totally rocks!

  4. Our kids love to pop those packing bubbles. I love the idea of adding an educational component!

    1. Mine love popping them, too! They get so excited every time we get a package with them and look forward to when I write words on the bubbles to pop.

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