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Hooray for spring!  It’s the time of year that birds start building nests, people start decorating eggs….  It’s an “egg”cellent time for some egg carton crafts!

egg carton sculpture craft via There's Just One Mommy


This month Project:  Recycle & Create chose egg cartons as their craft material.  I have to say I just fell in love with this idea!

I decided to create an open-ended craft project for the kids, using egg cartons as the base of our craft.

We had several egg cartons on hand, which I cut into different sections ahead of time.  I also got out pipe cleaners, craft sticks, googly eyes, markers, beads, feathers, clear tape and plenty of hot glue to hold things together.

Then I let them get creative!

creating egg carton sculptures



I told them they could use whatever items they like to create their own masterpiece.  I loved seeing their minds at work as they chose items, carefully cut, figured out how they wanted it, and asked for help with the hot glue gun.

The preschooler created a battleship! egg carton craft


The kindergartner decided she was making a dog.

egg carton craft



Want to know what else we’ve done with egg cartons in the past?

We’ve made some super cute cotton ball chicks and done some fun egg carton math!


What types of crafts/activities have you done with those egg cartons?

I’d love to hear about them!  Leave a comment, or if you have a post, go ahead and add it to the linky!

project recycle create

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  1. These are so cool! And it doesn’t matter if they break. 😉 They are already monsters. As usual, thanks for the idea.
    Lauralee recently posted..UBP 14 Party Post

    1. LOL — Yes, I tried to remind them several times that they are made of egg cartons and not to get upset if they break…

  2. I love that you set out the materials and let the kids create whatever they wished! This project represents what Project: Recycle & Create is all about! :) (Not to mention that there are creations are so cute!)
    Emma @ P is for Preschooler recently posted..Apple Experiment for Preschoolers

    1. I always like how my son can create a vehicle out of ANYTHING! 😉

  3. Oh these are too cute! What a fab way to upcycle our junk :)
    Ali at recently posted..Paper plate flower crafts – fascinator

    1. And the kids love to have a craft they can play with afterwards!

  4. so creative and beyond cute…I need to start finding better ways to reuse and recycle.
    karen recently posted..Our Meal Plan March 30th-April 5th

    1. I think they had the most fun with this one!

  5. fantastic! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!
    creativejewishmom/sara recently posted..Simply Cute Birthday Party Decorations In A Pinch

  6. Egg cartons are so much fun to craft with. Love the way their masterpieces turned out!

    1. This was our first time to really get creative with them; so fun!

  7. Great sculptures!
    Megan recently posted..Telling Time Activity for Kids

  8. So much you can make with these! Adorable!
    Ashley recently posted..U is for Ultrasonographer

  9. Thank you for the easy and CHEAP craft idea! We have 9 kiddos and eat roughly 12-18 eggs a day, so egg cartons are super easy to come by. The kids are gonna love it. Happy Easter!
    Jaime recently posted..5 Minute Friday: Glue

    1. Yep, I’d say you have plenty of egg cartons for this one! Enjoy! :)

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