Sight Word Tic-Tac-Toe



Looking for a fun way to practice those sight words with the kids?

Make your own simple sight word game with sight word tic-tac-toe!

Halloween version of Sight Word Tic-Tac-Toe


To make your own sight word tic-tac-toe game, first draw a large tic-tac-toe board on white paper.

To re-use the game board, I slid ours into a plastic sleeve.  Then I used a dry-erase marker to write one CVC word in each square.  (You could also do sight words or even math problems!)


Next you will need some cute markers!  I used construction paper to cut out black bats and orange pumpkins for our markers.  I recommend making 5 of each; you want to have plenty for any ties you might have!


Halloween sight word tic-tac-toe


To play sight word tic-tac-toe:

Players take turns reading the words.  If they get the word correct, they get to put a marker in the square.  If they don’t read it correctly, they miss their turn and the other player gets to go.

The first player to have three of their markers in a row wins!


You could easily personalize the game using markers like princess pictures or cars (whatever your child is in to).

Since it is near Halloween, we went with the Halloween theme!

Halloween sight word tic-tac-toe

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Sight Word Game: Reading Farm



I love mixing sensory play and learning opportunities!  This week  I created a simple farm-themed sensory bin that included a variety of the CVC words we’ve been practicing.


fun reading game that mixes sensory play and sight words


For our “dirt” I used the edible cloud dough we made a couple weeks ago.  (It’s been in a sealed container and is still in great shape!)

I used green construction paper to act as our crops.  On each strip I wrote a CVC word.  (Think words like hop, hat, bed, sit…) 

Because our sensory bin still had plenty of room, I added a few other farm items to explore.  The Playmobil Farm Tractor actually belonged to my husband long ago.  It was a fun surprise for the kids, along with the farm animals.

I tossed in a handful of oats for good measure.  After all, those animals have to eat!


Reading Farm:  sensory bin and sight word game



I set it up so they could take turns exploring the bin.

My son had fun using the little boy farmer to pull each “crop.”  Before he could load it on the tractor’s scoop he had to sound out the word.

Of course there was plenty of squishing the cloud dough and playing along the way!

He was proud to get through all those words, and I was proud of him, too!


Once he finished exploring the bin, I set it back up for big sister.

She flew through those words!

And then she had fun mixing those oats with the cloud dough for a whole new texture to explore!


So why a sensory bin?

The bin allowed each of them an opportunity to explore different textures while practicing early reading skills.    It also gave them that bit of time to “play” independently, which always helps them have smoother play time together afterwards.  (And my favorite reason:  giving them different textures to explore in a sensory bin seems to keep my oldest out of my lotions, soaps, and whatever else she just wants to “explore.”)



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30 Kids Halloween Party Ideas



Are you planning a Halloween party for the kids this October?

Whether it’s a classroom party or a small gathering of friends, here are over 30 fun Halloween party ideas to make it a party they’ll remember!


Over 30 fun kids Halloween party ideas


To begin with, you can’t have a party with out decorations!

Here are some fun and easy Halloween Decorations to help set the party mood!

Kids' Halloween party decorations



Once the guests arrive, let them snack on some of these delicious Halloween Treats!

kids Halloween Party food



Then, keep them happy with some fun Halloween Games for the party!

Kids' Halloween Party games



Once the festivities are over, send them off with one of these cute Halloween Party Favors!

Kids' Halloween Party Favors



Halloween party planning made simple — from the decorations to the party favors and everything in between!

I hope you have a spooktacular time this October with all of your festivities!



Apple-Themed CVC Word Game



Help your beginning reader work on those CVC words with this easy to set up apple-themed word game!


Apple-Themed CVC Word Scavenger Hunt


Make your own apple-themed CVC word scavenger hunt!


To create the “apples” for our CVC word game I used some of the plastic balls we had left from the little ball pit we had when the kids were younger.

I chose several red, yellow, and green balls to be our apples.

On each of these I wrote a CVC word with “a” as the vowel in the middle.  (This week we are working on the short a sound.)

apple-themed word game

To play the CVC word game:


To play the game I plan to hide our apples around the house, much like an Easter egg hunt.

The kids will each have a basket to collect their apples.  In order to keep their apples they will need to correctly read the word written on each apple.

Those they can’t correctly read I plan on hiding again.



Looking for other apple-themed activities to welcome fall?