Simple Fall Tree Craft



The leaves are beginning to turn those brilliant shades that make up the background of fall.  We just couldn’t resist bringing some of those colors inside with this simple fall tree craft!

fall tree craft


This particular fall tree craft involves paint, which made both the preschooler and kindergartner happy.  (I really need to do more painting with them…)

To start our autumn tree we used markers to draw the tree trunk.  I chose markers instead of paint because I wanted the trunk to stand out against the brown paint we were planning to use later on the leaves.

To make our colorful leaves we used a small piece of sponge, which we held with a clothes pin.  Just dab in the color paint you want, and then dot on your leaves!

fall tree craft


The trees got prettier and prettier with each layer of leaves we added!

We used water colors, which allowed the colors to blend nicely.  A different style of paint would probably allow each leaf to stand out a bit more.


What fall crafts have you been doing?


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Firefly Craft



The other night we let the kids stay up a little later to catch fireflies.  It was their first time trying to catch fireflies (or lightning bugs, if you prefer), and they had a blast!




I couldn’t believe how fast they were!  In no time at all they had over 30 in their little jar.

preschool firefly craft

“Look, Mommy!”


The next morning my youngest preschooler was still talking about how he “got to stay up all night” and all the fireflies they caught.  He couldn’t wait to do it again!

Since you can’t catch fireflies in the daytime, I pulled out the craft supplies and got things ready for a firefly craft.


lightning bug craft


To create your own jar of fireflies, first cut out some large paper jars from white paper.  (To make the jar symmetrical I folded the paper in half vertically and cut out the shape of half a jar; opening it revealed a nice, symmetrical jar shape.)

Then I mixed yellow paint and plenty of glitter.  (I wish you could see in the picture how they sparkle in the light!)

The lightning bug bodies are just fingerprints.   While the fingerprints are drying, paint the lids on the jars.  Once the fireflies dry, use a black marker to create wings and antennae.

The kids added some grass to their jars, too, just like in our jar of real lightning bugs.


preschooler lightning bug craft


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American Flag Craft



With the 4th of July coming up, I thought it was the perfect time to talk a little more about our flag.  Kids learn by doing — so I decided we’d make flags of our own.

I prepped for our craft by cutting out plenty of red and white strips and a couple blue rectangles.  I cut a paper bag in half to use as a surface to glue our flags to.

Then I called the kids to the kitchen.

We examined the American flag carefully, counting the stripes and talking about the colors.  My daughter impressed me when she said, “Each of the stars represents one of the states!”  Good memory from our talk on Memorial Day!

Then they got to work, gluing red and white stripes onto their brown paper.  It was good practice in patterns for the 4 year-old.


4th of July flag craft


We stopped periodically to count the stripes.  I had cut more than needed because I wanted them to learn that there are 13 stripes and then count and recreate that in their craft.

Once they had all the needed stripes, they glued their blue rectangle onto the flag.

Kids LOVE glitter.  (And I love glitter glue because it gives the sparkle with less mess!)  While they painted their blue rectangle with glitter glue, I hole-punched a bunch of white “stars” for them to stick on to the flag.

I think they turned out pretty cute!


preschooler flag craft


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Coffee Filter Crafts



Time to use that science experiment with the coffee filters we did last week for a craft!

Our first coffee filter craft was a flower.

The flowers are super easy!  We chose to use some fancy scissors with a scalloped edge to trim the top of each coffee filter.  You could totally skip that step if you want to.

Then, all you do is open up the coffee filter, pinch the bottom part and wrap a green pipe cleaner tightly around the bottom.

coffee filter craft

(I had to help my youngest to make sure the pipe cleaner was good and tight.)

My daughter was thrilled to have her very own bouquet!


preschool coffee filter craft


Our second craft out of coffee filters was a butterfly.

First we folded the coffee filter accordion style.


craft with coffee filters



Then we cut along the seems and opened it up to make the wings.  (Our filters were cone-shapped.  For regular filters just fold the filter in half and cut a triangular wedge from each side to form wings.)

We glued a clothes pin onto the “wings” to make a body.  Then we added google eyes and hot glued sparkly pipe cleaner for antennae.


coffee filter butterfly


They both have been having fun flying their creations around.

I think they would be super cute on the refrigerator, too!  You just need to glue a magnet onto the back.



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