Thankful Thursday — Camp Fire Memories



For months now every time my parents have come up to visit us, my son has asked if they can stay the night.

Last Friday he got his wish.


And not only that, but we had a campfire (okay, bonfire), too!

We spent the evening roasting marshmallows for s’mores, telling campfire stories, catching fireflies, and making memories.

thankful for memories

We all enjoyed the sticky sweetness of s’mores!


summer memories

Peanut impressed Papaw with her Scooby Doo mystery story!


I am thankful for all those memories we were able to make.  I know it is something my kids will remember for a long time!


What are you thankful for this Thankful Thursday?

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Simple Shape Stick Puppets

The last time my parents visited my mom brought up a big Ziplock back of brightly colored paper shapes.  There were circles of various sizes, ovals, squares, triangles….   There were also several drinking straws in the bag and some ribbon scraps.

My daughter couldn’t wait to see what all of it was for!

Stick puppets!

Right away she created a little blue face puppet for her brother, who was having a “sad moment.”  Grandma helped cut out eyelashes, while Peanut used her trusty glue stick to add triangle eyes and other details.  A piece of Scotch tape fastened the straw to the puppet and voila`! puppet craft

It would be easy to also attach arms or even wiggly legs to the puppet.  But once she gave it to her little brother, he liked it just as it was and didn’t want her to add anything else to it.

Back at the puppet center, Peanut found a large red oval next and decided to make a bird.  To make wings Grandma cut an oval in a zig-zag pattern length-wise, which looked really cute when layed so it stuck off the oval a bit.  But the puppet designer opted to put the wings at rest in the center of the oval.  Then she insisted Grandma cut out a couple feet before the bird could be complete.

preschooler puppet craft
You can’t see bird’s wings in the picture, but they’re there….



We still have all our colorful shapes, straws, and ribbon — I’m thinking this is going to be today’s craft.  I’m pretty sure it will inspire a puppet show when all is said and done.  toddler puppet craft


How about making it your craft with the little ones today, too?


Looking for some other fun craft ideas?  Check out my kids’ craft page!


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What My Kids Have That I Wanted…

If you are a regular reader you know that every week I do Thankful Thursday posts, and sometimes I mix them with one of the prompts from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop (2 great things put together!).

This week when I read the writing prompts, one stuck out at me:  What do your kids have that you always wanted when you were a kid?

At first I thought, “Hmmm…. what toys do they have that I wanted?”  But really, I can’t think of too many toys I pined over…  Yeah, I’m sure there are things I wanted that I didn’t get, but since nothing pops to my mind, I must not have wanted them too badly…

Just about as fast as that thought went through my mind, I thought of something my kids DO have that I would have liked to have:  grandparents.

Let me be clear,  I had grandparents at their age, but what I mean is the relationships my kids have with their grandparents.

By the time I was 2 I had already lost one grandfather.  I never even knew my mom’s mother was still around until I was in 3rd or 4th grade, when SURPRISE! I found out she was in a nursing home and we went to visit her.  She had had a stroke; it was impossible to understand anything she said; I only remember seeing her one or two times.  (I’m sure there is a lot to that story I will never know, and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized how that has affected me.)

On my dad’s side… We went to visit my grandparents every Sunday.  The smell of the right pipe tobacco brings back so many memories for me.  But I don’t remember them ever playing with us.  Or really talking to us.  I remember everyone watching Dallas.  Sitting on the steps and drawing pictures with crayons that were stored in an old tobacco can and then hanging them on my grandpa’s bedroom door…   He had the beginnings of Altzheimer’s then.  They were both gone by the time I was in middle school.

That’s why I treasure the fact that my kids still have all 4 grandparents.  Not only that, but that they have REAL relationships with them.  Take for instance our Wacky Wednesday when both of my parents came up with clothing on backwards and mixed up shoes.  My dad loves to take them for walks when he visits.  My mom will sit and play Polly Pockets with my daughter.

We live right next door to my in-laws.  The kids get to visit whenever they want.  Papaw has taken them fishing.  Mamaw sits and does Play-Doh with them.  There are snuggles and giggles each and every visit.

I am so thankful that my kids will have these memories.  I pray that they have many years of memories with their grandparents ahead.

Thankful Thursday

Just one page of memories from our calendar...


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Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate


It is amazing how one 6 letter word can instill fear into thousands of people.

It touches all of our lives at some point.

Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a co-worker… At some point we all know someone who is fighting to see that next birthday.

And cancer doesn’t discriminate, either.

Young or old; male or female; rich or poor; tall or short; athletic or couch-potato; mother, father or child… It affects people of all ages and all walks of life.

Myself, I have seen co-workers fight cancer and live to see another birthday.  I have had 2 aunts fight breast cancer and leave this world too early.  It has touched my grandparents, friends’ families, and acquaintances.

Here’s praying we all see more birthdays.

This post sponsored by the American Cancer Society.