Thankful Thursday — Sisters



Last Thankful Thursday I shared a few things that my kids did to make me smile.  This week’s Thankful Thursday post was inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop prompt:  Someone you talked to today.

And the winner is:  my sister!

Whenever Aunt C. calls, the kids know I am going to be on the phone for a while.  You see, my sister is a talker.

With 7 years between us, we didn’t always have much common ground.  When I was into baby dolls, she was in to boys.  When I was just starting to get interested in boys, she was married and having her first child.

Now a days?

With hundreds of miles between us, telephones help keep us connected.

We swap stories about what our kids have done lately.

We talk about how men can’t seem to get their dirty clothes in the hamper.

We sneak around behind our parents’ backs… (Shh…. My parents don’t know it yet, but my sister’s family is meeting us in Florida this year!)


When we call each other, “Hi,” is not necessary.

If I start the call with, “Why can’t Hot Wheels fall into an empty toilet instead of one that’s been used?” she doesn’t skip a beat.  She’s been there.

If I answer the phone and hear, “I’m sending my son to you,” I know there is a story coming.

My own two little ones keep life interesting.

But my sister?

My sister runs a daycare in her home.  She is never out of stories!  Daughter slathered her brother in my good lotion?  I no sooner tell my sister and she is laughing and telling me about the cake she baked for church that her youngest and the rest of the daycare kids demolished.  And then she is going on about what happened the day before that, poop up to the child’s neck…  (I admit it, sometimes I call her just to feel better about my own day…)


This week I’m thankful for telephones.  And sisters.  And the phone calls sisters share.

thankful thursday March 14

Excuse me, my sister’s calling!


Leave a comment telling me who you enjoy talking to on the phone most.

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Thankful Thursday — Funny Kids



They say laughter is good medicine.  And I think kids write the best prescriptions….

This week I’m thankful for the things my kids have done and said that made me laugh.


My daughter was hard at work at the kitchen table.  “How do you spell ‘slippery’?” she asked.

I carefully spelled it for her.

Then she asked how to spell ‘floor.’  By then she had my interest.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Turns out she was making a sign for the floor.  She had spilled some water, and evidently to a 5 year-old it is easier to make a detailed sign to let people know the floor is wet than to wipe it up with a towel.

funny things kids do

Don’t you love the look on the girl’s face?

Got to love it.



Then there is my son.  Daddy was helping him back into his clothes for bedtime, and he said, “I need my funderwear.”

It sounded a lot like “fun to wear,” and you know, with superheroes all over them, I bet they are fun to wear.  (I see a great marketing thing here, if someone wants to jump on it, we just want a little cut for the 3 year-old’s college fund…)


What funny things have your kids said or done this week?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

And, as always, if you have your own thankful post this week, be sure to link it up with us!  I love to see the list grow!


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Thankful for THE Dress



10 years ago I walked down the aisle to meet my husband.

It’s not the wedding I want to talk about this Thankful Thursday.  It’s not the past 10 years.  Although I am extremely thankful for our lives together.

No, today it’s about the dress.


Let’s face it, when it comes to planning the wedding, the dress is often the first thing future brides look for.  Once upon a time it was circled dresses in bridal magazines, now it’s Pinterest.  And of course, there’s the trying on of numerous dresses in front of tall mirrors, while standing on a pedestal.  I’ve heard some places even serve future bride champagne as they look — the royal treatment.


But me?  I knew which dress I wanted to wear back when I was in high school, long before I even met my husband.

Wrapped in tissue paper, still in the original cardboard box, it had been stored on a shelf under the steps of my parents’ home for 36 before the day I wore it.


You would not believe how hard my mom tried to change my mind.

She insisted we go try on dresses anyway, partly so I could have the experience, but mostly because she really hoped I’d find a different dress.

I tried on three.  People oohed and awed for each one, and I just kept thinking of MY DRESS, under the steps in my parents’ house.

Finally, she gave in, and we got it out so I could try it on.  It was almost a perfect fit.

Next came the hard part, finding a dry cleaner who was able, and willing, to clean an heirloom wedding gown.  We drove almost an hour, and then I held my breath for a week, hoping the dress would turn out okay.  The only thing they couldn’t get out was a single footprint on the dress’ train, left from a relative that was no longer with us.  To me it was perfect.


My mom tried to talk me into wearing a higher heeled shoe than I had chosen (I found white Easter sandals with mini pearls in the girls’ section of Payless.), but eventually I stood on a chair while she painstakingly pinned the dress’ hem and then carefully stitched it to the right length.

Finally, a few days before the wedding she pressed the dress, using  a brand new white sheet she bought just for that purpose.  She was a nervous wreak the entire time.  Me?  I told her it didn’t matter what she did to it, I was wearing the dress.


And then, it was time to walk down the aisle.

finding the right wedding dress

My fairy tale moment ~


I am so thankful that I was able to wear the dress of my dreams.  And looking back, I am thankful for all my mom did to help make that happen, even when she thought there might be a better dress out there.



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Thankful Thursday — The Innocence of Children



We live in a world where kids not only practice fire drills and tornado drills, but they also learn to turn off the lights and hide in the corner.

Where the price of groceries keeps going up, but most companies haven’t given raises in years.

Where technology has given us more than all its benefits, but also more ways we can hurt others.


Everywhere you hear people talking about how bad things are, how they’re sure it’s all coming to an end.

And then I look around my kitchen…

And I see Batman giving Lalaloopsy a ride in the Batmobile. Thankful Thursday linky 2/21

And I’m thankful for what we have, for where I am.  For the innocence of children.



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